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Advanced skiers


Ski course for adults

Try, improve and perfect!
  • Classes in groups of 3-7 people
  • NEW: 2,75-hour courses from 09.45 am - 12.30 pm
  • Course start: Sunday and Monday
    Additional days are offered over Christmas.
  • Grouping of participants: SUN and MON at 9.30 am by showing of skills
  • Half-day ski courses are offered from 3 participants
  • Ski course registration in any of our Ski School Offices (Natrun, Aberg valley and middle station, Maria Alm)


  • Refine and improve your technique
  • Learning different ski techniques (short turns, carving, parallel flexion turns, etc.)
  • Powder snow skiing, bumpy slopes, freeride skiing
  • New School Skiing (switch, turn, jumps, rails, boxes, etc.)
Level 6 Sliding, carving basics, Alpine skiing technique
Level 5 Parallel skiing long turns
Level 4 Parallel skiing short turns
Level 3 Carving long, easy off-slope terrain
Level 2 Carving short, off-slope
Level 1 Freeride, bumpy slope

Course times

09.45 am - 12.30 pm

Assembly points

Natrun Village

The meeting point in the village at the valley station Simmerlift.

Aberg middle station / Bärmoos

The meeting point in the middle of the ski area.

Achtung: In case of low numbers of participants the Ski School reserves the right to change the meeting point.



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