Private lessons in skiing and snowboarding

Individual ski and snowboard lessons

Private lessons at the Maria Alm Ski School are a perfect way for families, beginners and advanced skiers to improve their skiing technique and achieve rapid learning success. Thanks to the private ski instructor, the lesson design is completely tailored to the skiers & their abilities - whether piste, deep snow or mogul slope!


  • Private lessons for 3 hours from 8:45 am and from 12:15 pm
  • Individual and tailored lessons for you and your child
  • Lots of progress within a short time
  • Possible at all mentioned meeting points
  • Special meeting points only upon confirmation by email
  • Book online and save 5 %! (up to 30 days prior to course start)
  • Free testing of skis and snowboard!
  • Our special Family Offer:
    If both parents book a private course, children participate for free

Please note that private lessons in small groups only make sense if participants are approximately at the same skill level.


Our special family offer:

When booking a private course for both parents, children from the age of 7 ride for FREE - so the private ski course is fun for the whole family!
Please note that private lessons in small groups are only effective if all participants have approximately the same level of skiing technique.

Language guarantee

  • German and English is standard (no request necessary).
  • Other languages only possible by e-mail request and confirmation.
  • The indication of nationality is not a guarantee for the language.

Please contact us if you would like lessons in a specific language. We can only guarantee you the chosen course language if you receive a confirmation from us by email.

Lessons in the following languages can be booked subject to availability (only upon confirmation via e-mail!): 

  • Dutch
  • Danish
  • Czech

other languages on request 

    Private lessons

    1 hour + 19,00 €
    2 hours + 35,00 €
    3 hours + 40,00 €
    4 hours + 46,00 €
    5 hours + 46,00 €
    Center for private lessons at the Aberg middle station / alpine center

    Large screen display
    Meeting point for beginners and beginners with rope lift and conveyor belts 50 m away!
    Accessible only by gondola.
    ► 150 m from the Aberg middle station at the valley station of the 4-seater chairlift 

    Simmerl lift Natrun / Dorf

    Directly at the Simmerllift valley station with screen display!

    ► 100 m away from the Natrunbahn valley station in the village


    Meeting point private lessons snowboard

    ► 150 m away from the top station of the Aberg cable car at the top station of the Schönangerbahn cable car


    Hintermoos ski center

    Only from 10:00 a.m. for at least 2 hours.

    ► At the valley stations of the Schwarzeckalmbahn and the Sinalcobahn in the district of Hintermoos


    Hintermoos platter lift for beginners

    Only from 10:00 a.m. for at least 2 hours.

    ► approx. 200 m from the Hintermoos ski center 

    Natrun Tellerlift / Dorf

    ► located at the valley stations of the Natrun Tellerlift and Natrun Schlepplift


    Desired meeting point possible via email confirmation

    For example, directly at the hotel.