Learn to snowboard in Maria Alm

Snowboard school headquarters

From an original marginal sport, snowboarding has long since developed into a cool winter sport for everyone. After a three-day course with us, you will have fun even as a beginner, because snowboarding has never been so easy to learn. 
For the skaters among you it is also the perfect winter training, because in our fun park you will find kickers, rails and boxes. Our experienced freestyle instructors will teach you slides, 180ies and 360ies and other tricks in no time. Unlike ski lessons, snowboarders will start freestyling after the three-day beginner course!
For those of you who already have experience or are already advanced, we offer courses to improve the technique and adapt it to the new material to be able to cope with any situation even in challenging terrain.


Die Gruppeneinteilung wird je nach Kenntnissen von den Snowboardlehrern gemacht – Kinder ab 7 Jahren und Erwachsene können als Anfänger oder Fortgeschrittene am Gruppenkurs teilnehmen.

Die Trainingsinhalte werden an die Ziele und das Niveau der Snowboardfahrer angepasst, um optimale Lernerfolge zu garantieren. Zudem hilft der Snowboard Levelpass, dass die Teilnehmer das aktuelle Können verfolgen auch im Folgejahr wieder optimal das Unterrichtsprogramm fortsetzen können.

Wer einen Snowboard Privatunterricht buchen möchte, kann das Online Buchungsformular nutzen, um ein Angebot für Snowboard Stunden im Privatkurs zu erhalten.

 Jetzt Snowboard Kurs online buchen!

Our snowboard school has been around since 1990. We would like to answer one of the questions that we hear very often. Guests often ask the snowboard instructors or myself if snowboarding is becoming less and less popular. And I can definitely answer with no.
The reason why you see less snowboarders on the slopes is that the trend is now freeriding and many of them have moved to the Funparks, and this is where you can see good boarders.
Snowboarding is still one of the coolest and trendiest winter sports.
After all, the ski industry was also inspired by the snowboard. "Normal skiing" has diminished and now there is more space for fun: Thanks to the snowboard, the carving and freestyle technologies have advanced. Still today, the snowboard sets new dimensions, the newest technologies such as rockerboards (ski) and broad freestyle boards (ski) make it possible, that snowboarding becomes very easy for beginners, and they can quickly reach higher levels (freestyle, carving, powder snow).
Our perfectly trained and motivated instructors will help you to the next skill level.
Keep the spirit in your Heart !!

Fritz Salzer
Headquarter Snowboard School Manager