Ski courses for teenagers from 12 to 14 years old

Group courses for advanced teens

Our ski courses offer young skiers the perfect opportunity to improve their skills on the slopes and have a lot of fun at the same time.

  • Online booking: save time, money and 5% (up to 30 days before course start)
  • Family offer ski courses: for 2 pers. from one family; 5 % reduction*
  • Secure your language guarantee for children up to the age of 12 in the advanced children's ski course.
  • Course language Dutch:
    We employ many Dutch-speaking ski instructors at the Maria Alm ski school. That is why we try to divide even advanced children into Dutch groups if possible. Slightly advanced and younger children are preferred! However, we cannot give a guarantee.
  • 2 to 4 hour course (lunch care optional)
  • Course starts on Sunday and Monday (additional start days are offered during the Christmas period)
  • Courses only possible during vacation periods
  • Grouping: 30 minutes prior to course start
  • Courses take place from 5 young people per group / level, otherwise there is a division into the children's or adult group
  • ...and don't forget to bring your Level Pass!

* Valid from 3 course days (children from 7 years) 

Course times

10 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 3 pm

Full-day ski course for teens

Extension after 3 days 20,00 €
Lunch care (per day) 17,00€

Half-day ski course for teens

Extension after 3 days 16,00 €
Assembly points

For advanced kids from level 3 we recommend the Aberg valley station assembly point.

Aberg valley station

Next to the entrance to the Aberg gondola lift.


Natrun Village

The assembly point in the village centre.


Note: In case of low numbers of participants the Ski School reserves the right to change the meeting point.

1 My first day of skiing
  • Getting to know each other
  • Accustoming I
  • Accustoming II
  • Schussing
  • Snow plow 
  • I am reay for the next level!
2 We are exploring the Kinderland
  • Lift I
  • Change of direction 
  • Single turn 
  • Slalom
  • First run im Kinderland
  • I am ready for the next level! 
3 Finally off to the slopes
  • Save run in the Kinderland
  • Slope rules
  • First run blue slopes
  • Lift II
  • Safe plough turning blue runway
  • I am ready for the next level!
4 My first parallel turn
  • Speed and terrain
  • Running
  • Jumping 
  • Hockey stop
  • Moving exercises 
  • I am ready for the next level!
5 The first time on the peak
  • Technical parcours
  • Parallel long turns (basic)
  • Parallel short turns (basic) 
  • Pole planting I
  • Parallel skiing exercises 
  • I am ready for the next level! 
6 Off to the Königstour
  • Steeper terrain (peak) 
  • Freestyle I
  • First red slope
  • Technical program red
  • King's Tour
  • I am ready for the next level! 
7 Preperation for the black slope
  • Parallel long turns (dynamical) 
  • Sportive, safe skiing on red slopes
  • Parallel short turns (dynamical) 
  • First black slope 
  • Skiing in formation
  • I am ready for the next level!
8 On the way to becoming a technical expert
  • Preparing freeride
  • Steep slope technique 
  • Technical program black
  • Carving long
  • Carving short 
  • I am ready for the next level!
9 Freeride, Newschool & Racing
  • Freestyle II - Slopestyle/Park
  • Moguls I
  • Freeride I
  • Racing
  • I am ready for the next level!